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Scope of Work
  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Development

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Book Design

  • Copyediting

  • Engraving Design

  • Photo & Imaging

  • Print Design

  • Web Design & Development

Cloister oversees the disassembly and customization of luxury watches with restoration and re-assembly executed by specialists across the globe. Each piece is designed to spec—a collaboration between founder Cooper Zelnick & his clientele.‍ Cloister also sports a museum-like vintage collection unavailable for purchase.

At first, Cloister watches were a hobby, purchased "off the wrist" if someone liked what they saw and inquired. Over time, word got out that luxury brand watches such as Rolex® and Jaeger LeCoultre® could be customized.

Aesthetically, Cloister favors mid-century watches, so our goal was to design an identity that could sit comfortably next to legendary brands while maintaining what is unique about the Cloister mindset.



Cloister exists to transform rare + historic wristwatches into custom tailored timepieces. Collaboration and craftsmanship fuel successful men and women to see their visions realized.


Honor the past; shape the future.


Reshape Time.


Re-imagine rare wristwatches.