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“When [Blacksmith] began, we had 2 offices; now there are over 100 in 17 states. We’re seeing about 10,000 patients per week and have engaged hundreds of thousands of patient encounters... [Blacksmith]’s work has hugely influenced and strengthened our brand’s performance.”

— Jeff De Flavio, Groups CEO

Groups provides affordable, outpatient opiate addiction recovery with Suboxone and group therapy


Scope of Work
  • Brand Identity Design

  • Book & Print Design

  • Copyediting

  • Icon Design

  • Imaging

  • Public Ad Design

As a rapidly scaling business aiming to solve one of the country's largest problems, the Groups brand needed to be flexible, welcoming and trust-building. They were finishing the design of their first two offices when they came to us for branding. They had no identity other than a name and the paint color used for their offices. They needed patients, their loved ones, and the medical community at large to understand what they offer, how effective it is, and what sets them apart from all the other treatment facilities in the country.

Core Values


“We believe in improving healthcare for the under-served”


“We are redefining the way recovery is achieved and measured”


“We are inspired by people brave enough to change their lives”


“We know time is of the essence”