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Veil Theatre Co. is an underground pop-up theater company in Los Angeles created to engage audiences in challenging, intimate and honest stories

“Blacksmith played a crucial role in bringing our mission and vision to life with wonderfully successful branding and web design. We started working with them while performing in our backyard, and now we're selling out with over 600 audience members in theaters around the city. Their strategy has helped immensely!”

— Madison Davis, Founder


Scope of Work
  • AI Imaging

  • Brand Development & Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Marketing Materials

  • Show Programs

  • Web Design & Development

Veil Theatre Company wanted to stand apart from the theater scene in LA. Veil was created to push the boundaries of live performance and theater by telling challenging stories in intimate ways. They wanted to market their performances solely with word of mouth and cryptic images around the city using a simple logomark. Audience members had a high rate of repeat attendance, but initially Veil lacked growth and prestige as a budding company.

The goal was to create a brand that evoked a sense of secrecy and vibrancy that would complement the nature of the plays and performances Veil works so hard to produce.



Veil Theatre Co was created for audiences to experience challenging, intimate and honest storytelling throughout the year in service to our audience and community.


Rejuvenation of Play


Presence in the Flesh


Play, Excellence, Growth

Visual Identity

The essence of Veil Theatre Co. led to a brand anchor of “Vibrant and Forbidden”. The logomark was a complex endeavor; we aimed to fuse several shapes into one powerful stamp that could be plastered around the city, with stencil capability. Of course, the letter “V” was critical, but we wanted to capture other key elements as well: fabric/ a veil, flower petals, the face of a fox, and event torches.

Accompanying typography was rooted in two different eras of typewriters, paying homage to playwrights of modern history in contrast to the classical Shakespearean font used for the logotype and headings.

Meanwhile, the color palette speaks to the vibrant community that surrounds Veil, with floral tones meeting a moonlight mint, generating a natural glow when paired together.