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London DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating in the web3 space as a champion of ETH culture and history

London DAO is a leader in the generative art NFT space, a community of de-fi and gen-art lovers coming together to manage a treasury born from NFT sales of London GIFTS, London EMBERS, and $LONDON token. The NFTs and London DAO grew out of Proof of Beauty Studio.

“[Blacksmith] went above and beyond to create something that truly reflects London DAO and we could not have been more pleased with the results.”

— London DAO Council


Scope of Work
  • Brand Development

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Merch Design

When London DAO came to us, they had an existing brand identity, but felt that it could be updated to reflect the project's unique personality. Together, we developed their brand's message and positioning in the NFT / web3 space to help crypto users better understand how London celebrates ETH history.

The attitude was to reflect the aesthetic history of the city of London while maintaining the colorful, geometric shapes featured in the NFTs.



Design artful experiences that celebrate ETH culture & history.


Celebrate Blockchain


Champions of ETH Culture


Culture, Stewardship, Design, Play