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Philip Slater is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, Playwright & Professor of Sociology

"Blacksmith did an amazing job creating the brand and website for my father’s work. Their gorgeous design is both arresting and welcoming, and they managed to create a visual narrative that allowed for easy navigation through a complex and multifaceted career."

— Dashka Slater, Estate Manager


Scope of Work
  • Brand Identity Design

  • Imaging

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

Dashka Slater, herself a NYT best-selling author, commissioned us to build a legacy site for her late father. The goal was to build a hub where people could explore and discover the gamut of his oeuvre, find links to purchase his books, and reach out to the estate for stage play licensing.

Visual Identity

We interviewed Phil's friends and family to discover more about how he would want to be presented. We learned of his preference for purple, a penchant for sailing and the ocean, tennis, and bicycling.

The logotype was derived from how his name appears on some of his vintage works, with a logomark designed to incorporate both his initials, as well as his philosophy of the fluid nature of society.


The design for Phil's website is intentionally minimal, featuring quotes and reviews from all his works, his biography and his stage play collection.

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